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We provide news, hardware, software, website development, design, identity, and SEO related to Cryptocurrency.


Our CEO, Robert Armstrong is an Information technology specialist with extensive knowledge with web development, software installation, programming languages, database management, servers, network components, virtual machines, network and remote management.

Robert is leading our business development and has built an extensive plan for our success.

Our US Value Core LLC values – The opportunity of a better, richer, and fuller future should be within grasp for everyone. We want to provide the opportunity to enrich people, by creating tools that help us think smarter, to solve problems. Our milestones include goals that will help humanity.


Robert Armstrong

CEO Founder

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General Manager

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Sales Team

We are looking for business partners to be included in our business plan and join our success story.


We are looking for the following resources:

Personnel – Key staff and management to help our structure.

Crypto Technicians – Install computer hardware, software and special cryptomining components.

Crypto Creators – Test new equipment and work in research lab.

Sale personal – People who can talk crypto and close the deal.

Promotion – We need promoters to get our word out and make our website blog have the best current news available.

Finances – We need your help in raising funds.

Personal – Invest in our people. We need the best people to support our business planning and you could be an investor for this part of US Value Core LLC.

Technology – Invest in our technology. Finance the development of our software and hardware products.

Facility – Invest in our facility. Our facility buildout requires capital and we need your help in funding this project.

General business cost – Help funding of our general business cost like advertising, transportation, and other business related expenses.


Do you have a skill with cryptocurrency that could improve our company? We need to talk and see how we could benefit from your skills.


Please write to us using our contact page – contact.


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